Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Kitty "MEOW"

Feature Celebrity Makeup Artist Lisa Zimmitti Shares Her Tips


Beauty 411: E! Makeup Artist Lisa Zimmitti

This ad speaks for itself 2010

Apply Lipstick and Drive, Maybe NOT

We already know how dangerous it is to drive while distracted, and that's why the city of Troy, MI, isn't going to take it anymore. Starting July 29, drivers in the Detroit suburb will get a ticket if they're caught texting (already a statewide law), voicemailing, dashboard dining, or grooming behind the wheel. Lots of you admitted that you apply makeup while driving. But sadly, tragic stories of driver distraction provide us all with wake-up calls.  Many cities and states have laws against cell phone usage while driving, but do you expect to see more laws prohibiting primping?

Fashion and Makeup

Italians do it perfecto

Message in the sky

4 jets spell out the word GOD, hundreds viewed at Santa Monica beach. U got our attention.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

All about the brow, trim to frame

Kristina and Eva

Playing For Hope Gala Event

Clean Energy

Sasha fierce

why is my asst. in the closet

Happy Birthday Gina

Malibu vineyard

Me and my Lacoste have a mission

Carnie Wilson you are a star

My fav look on Kitty, pure beauty makeup

Daily 10 magic, watch them light it up

express your self forever/ tats

Sir David Frost, miss u already

last day of Newlywed game

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Trend Report 2010

Print and Print

Shop Bop, my fav!


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After 8 weeks*:

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*Independent consumer study


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