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Prepping for ROVE LA

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NARS Fall 2011

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Pago Pago



Grand Palais



Montego Bay

Train Bleu


Red, Red Wine

revlon colorstay mineral lip glazerevlon overtime wine
nvey eco advanced care lip color nvey econeutral mauve matte

fall lips mac russin red

This may just be the season of the lip. Though there was no shortage of super pale nudes on the Fall 2011 runways (think ChloĆ©, Jason Wu, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent), there were plenty of more dramatic hues on display as well. From the intensely dark shades spotted at Gucci and Custo Barcelona to the vibrant brights seen at Jil Sander (left) and Nina Ricci, Fall 2011 offers a lip color for everyone — and every mood. Click through to see 8 of the prettiest lip colors of the season.

Photo by Greg Kessler

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My new client watch every thursday

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Coarse Granulated Original Himalayan Crystal Salt
 Himalayan Crystal Salt® Stones

•Has the World's Highest Elemental Content With 84 Of The Nutritional Elements We Need - Use For: Rejuvenating Bathing, Replenishing the Skin, Drinking Therapy, Flavoring Food
•Is Pure, Unpolluted, Without Environmental Impact - From a Time When the Earth Was Pristine
•Contains No Impurities From Environmental Pollution
•Possesses Potentially High Inherent Stored Information From 250,000,000 Years Ago – PSYMPHONY™ – Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® is Primarily a Storage Medium. This Special Salt is Waiting for the Moment to Have its Inherent, Stored Energy, its Bio-Energetic Content Set Free by Combining it With Water
•Is Stone Ground, Hand Washed, and Prepared - 100% Genuine Crystal Salt
Look for PSYMPHONY™ products at select retailers, or order from us directly as you have for many years
These diamond-like crystals of natural Himalayan Crystal Salt contain trace minerals essential for life. Used for making Sole, a daily infusion of energy balancing elixir. A highly effective product for the normalizing of mineralization in the human body. This salt has been shown in a clinical study to be effective in helping to stabilize pH and Oxidative Stress numbers in the human body. Hydration indicators showed an average of 10‰ increase.

Non GMO soy stir fry

Bragg's liquid amino
Fresh chopped garlic
Pinch of Himalayan salt
Grapeseed oil
Sesame seeds
Sprouted mom GMO Tofu
Any veggies u wants
Keep the top on cook for 20mins till veggies are slightly tender
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My Detox Lemon Drink

1 TB of Ginger (minced)

3/4 Fresh Lemon Juice

1 TB of Buckwheat Honey

1/5 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

1/2 Cup of Maple Syrup Grade B

6 Cups of Water

Optional: Steep 2 Green Tea Bags


I always have this in my fridge. It does wonders. You can drink it for 3 days straight morning and night while eating healthy.

No more than three days, you can start again the following week. Or you can do what I do........I always have it one hand and drink the entire pitcher within 7 days.

It reduces swelling and makes you gooooo. It's my detox, skinny drink! It does a lot other good things too, I just forgot but it's amazing!!!

Let me know how it goes!!!

Thank you Lisa!!! Xo
*your welcome Lina