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Homemade Baby Formula by, PURE MAMAS

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Homemade Baby Formula

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Store-bought powdered cows-milk AND soy formulas are not the healthiest option for your child. Many woman, for many different reasons, cannot breastfeed. So they are stuck with buying these overly-processed powders that aren't even real food.
I, and many other doctors, fathers and woman, would rather know exactly what their child is drinking than have to deal with recalls, bugs, soy, and other toxic chemicals added.
And if you know me at all {and my need to create everything that I eat, as opposed to BUY it} you wouldn't be surprised that I wanted to investigate a way to make fresh, homemade formula.

There is a lot of controversy over powdered formula vs breast milk, goats milk versus cows milk, etc. After much research and my own health expertise, what I finally concluded was that goats milk was the best for my son. It is molecularly the closest to breast milk and often doesn't cause the phlegm that cows does. But I realize it's lacking enough carbohydrates and also nutrients like DHA, folic acid and B vitamins when compared to breast milk. So, I asked my midwives AND pediatrician about this and what I decided to do was a mix of goats milk, carrot juice, water, b vitamins and flax oil {DHA}. When my son became old enough, I supplemented with other things as well, like green juice and apple juice {fresh squeezed}, a little young coconut water, and all sorts of omegas and probiotics as well.
It's been the best decision I've made as a mother. Despite some negative comments here and there, it's at least one choice I've made as a new mom that I am very proud of and wouldn't change for the world. I think FRESH, REAL food will ALWAYS be better than anything powdered and overly-processed!

Important and GOOD side note: a pediatrician in town actually confirmed it a "suitable and healthy breast milk alternative." Doctor Mercola also recommends a similar formula, so I have learned.
4 oz Goats Milk

2 oz Carrot Juice

2 oz Water

a few drops Flax Oil (EFAs) with DHA

1/4tsp nutritional yeast {for the folic acid and b12 boost that goats milk lacks}

OH and Dr Mercola recommends giving your child that is solely on this type of formula some egg yolks starting at age 4 months. By this I mean giving it to him separately. Steamed. Not raw in the formula.

note: there is no BETTER food for infants than breastmilk. It is still better than this formula...if you CAN and are able to breastfeed, do that first and foremost. This recipe makes a great ALTERNATIVE to formula or supplemental/emergency feeds. If you choose formula - then that's okay too. Just do what you feel safest and most best doing. I'm just sharing information here with you that I have learned through my journies.

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