Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vaxa Attend ---Natural ADD Remedy - Natural ADHD Remedy

But treating ADD and ADHD naturally, without harmful medications is possible. Attend by Vaxa is one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies for ADD/ADHD. Adding Vaxa's Attend to the natural treatment regimen for ADD is a wonderful way to achieve the desired results.

Safety Concerns about ADD and ADHD Drugs Concerns about Medication - Ritalin Dangers

Both parents and professionals alike wonder over the safety of ADHD drugs, with the highest controversial methylphenidate (Ritalin) at the forefront. Numerous side-effects have been observed and recent studies confirm that these mediations are not the safest and most effective treatment for you or your child. The danger of Ritalin or other ADD medication sadly, becomes apparent only after numerous side-effects have developed. Ritalin dangers must be discussed with your family and child before a course of this drug has begun.
It's widely thought that pulse rate increasing stimulant use, combined with hypertension heart problems, could downgrade health. Methylphenidate deaths are very rare, and the majority of problems are thought to be caused by mixed drug interactions. Matthew Smith, a 14 year old boy reported in the news, died due to long term Ritalin use, which raised doubts amongst medical experts. His medical examiner made the claim diabetic children had a higher risk of developing heart problems.

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