Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kookie Karma, Thank you Juli xox

I have tries all these flavors RAW CAROB TRUFFLE KOOKIES, HOLISTIC CHOCOLATE CHIP KOOKIES, RAW LEMON FIG KOOKIES, HOLISTIC CHOCO LOT KOOKIES and Chocolate Chip are there best selling holistic {aka NOT raw} cookies! They are double chocolate deliciousness and taste like a true decadent brownie.
Holistic Dry Mix [Almond Meal, Xylitol, Coconut*, Brown Rice*,
Psyllium, Rice Protein, Sea Salt], Cocoa Powder*, Almond Butter*,
Agave Nectar*, Chocolate Chips (non dairy, no soy, no sugar),
Chia Seed

Carob Truffle Kookies are Amazingly RICH with carob, sweet from agave and a tad salty from the olives. Yes, sun dried black olives. "OMG the olives gives it this amazing clean taste...."
Raw Carob Powder, Raw Almond Butter*, Agave Nectar*, Olive Oil*, Sun Dried Olives*, Sea Salt

Madison is so addicted to these, she took the bag from me and ate them all from the drive home from school, ha. These are soooo Yummy, Juli says they are good with hummus also.

Kale Krackers {chips} are so hearty and yummy. They honestly taste like cheese topped crunchy baked kale or better yet some people compare them to CheezIts?! Crazy right? And they are super nutritious and made with organic veggies. A {addicting} meal in a bag.
ingredients: organic kale, {hot house or organic} red pepper, organic cashews, organic lemon juice, organic red pepper flakes, miso, nutritional yeast, sea salt.


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