Monday, March 21, 2011

Kookie Karma

I met Juli years ago, she is an amazing woman.
You can find her products at some West Coast markets like wholefoods or buy them on line. You will be very pleased, they are fresh and packed with goodness.

Handmade in our very own gluten-free commercial kitchen. We strive to offer you the freshest, best tasting raw and holistic snack products that we can. To do so we like to make everything fresh each week.

Kookie Karma was created in Santa Monica, CA by Juli Novotny in 2004 {she was only 24 at the time}. Juli has since worked hard to not only sell her products wholesale to West Coast markets and directly to consumers but to also educate people on the importance of including raw superfoods in and removing processed sugar/ flour/ dairy from their otherwise normal diet & lifestyle.

In the past 6 years Juli has also added 2 sons {only 12 months apart} to her busy household. PUREmamas, a blog that she dedicates her "free" time to, emerged as another education avenue for helping parents add healthy foods to their kids' diets. It's an open-minded space where Juli just talks freely {about her own life, decor, clothes, activities, eco-friendly stuff, etc.}, shares recipes and encourages the community to join in on discussions.

It's impartial and unbaised information - Juli respects all products, even ones that are similar to Kookie Karma snacks! No competition on PUREmamas.

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